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$6,523,464.00 and counting.

This is how much our projects have raised (so far).

We’re guessing you probably love solving problems. We do too. We love working with people who have a vision and a drive to create things that help make people’s lives better. Sure, it may end up being the next big thing, but your core motivation is probably more about making a huge impact. That’s the stuff that gets us excited too. We know we play only a small role in your overall project and Kickstarter campaign but that tiny role is what we live for.

It starts with why. Your Kickstarter video is the most important element of your campaign, we all know that. What’s key, is to show people the “why” behind what you’re doing. For your project to resonate with potential backers, we need to be sure they understand why you’re doing it. You could do anything with your life but for some reason you chose this path. Of course you’re motivated by the potential to make a good living doing what you do, but what about your deeper motives and passions. One of the things our clients enjoy about working with us is our ability to help them tell that story. To help them truly connect with the community of backers and to explain to the world why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Our Approach and our Process. It starts with you getting in touch with us so we can have our initial conversation. We’ll learn all about your project and explain how our process works. We’ll ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening so we can get a good sense of where you are in the process. Some people come to us with their vision already planned out and they’re looking for help implementing their plan. Others come to us needing help designing a campaign and finding the best way to present their project. We can join your team at whatever stage you are in now and get you and your campaign ready for primetime. But, it starts with getting in touch so please drop us a line.

Have you gone to Kickstarter School yet?  Kickstarter offers a very basic page of info that is worth reviewing:  Kickstarter School

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