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Product Videos & Launch Videos

Commercials and promotional videos for new products.

We love technology. Gadgets. Gizmos. Doo-Hickeys. Call them what you will. They’re the future, and the future, like your product, is pretty exciting. A compelling product video can be a great tool to introduce your product to the world. As you dive deeper into this site, you’ll see we’ve created a bunch of them with some really great developers and companies. If we’ve done our job right, these are videos that really make a product shine.

People seem to like our approach. We’re geeks, and dorks, and we drool over new technology. Any chance we get to be involved with introducing a new product to the world gets us super excited. Products themselves are for the most part inanimate objects… sometimes they move or can be adjusted but mostly they’re a combination of plastic, metal and visionary thinking. Our goal is to allow people to connect with your product on an emotional level. We want people to feel the way your product will improve their lives, get shivers over how cool it looks, and imagine how awesome it would be to own one for themselves. Our approach is to bring products to life.

We like to listen more than talk. Sure, we have lots of experience in this space and people hire us for our expertise. But, we learned long ago that it’s best to listen to our clients and ask lots of questions. You know your product inside and out. The only way for us to truly get your vision is to listen until we have a clear sense of what makes your product so special.

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MVP Demo Reel

Branch To Box™

LandingZone 2.0

Matterport Pro 2

Party Squasher

Flosstime – Toss Your Floss

Freedom Sculpture

Branch To Box™ Preview

LandingZone 2.0 – Features

Long Game – Stop Scratching Off

Stealth™ Core Trainer

Flosstime – Automated Floss Dispenser

ZUS Charging Cable

Long Game – Start Saving Money

Camping World – Hello Celebration

Oaklandish for Brightpearl

IoT Developer’s Kit™ by Weaved

The Iota™ by Iotera

IBM Cloud Solutions for Marketers

Lively Watch by Lively™

Think Stand™ by Kitae Kwon

IBM Cloud Solutions for HR