Giving you the best drone video has to offer

Capture the most dramatic views with cutting edge gear

Drone videography provides exquisite footage of beautiful places. It gives viewers an opportunity to see a place in a way they truly couldn’t otherwise.

We fly the entire DJI line-up from the amazing Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse X7 and the Phantom 4 Pro drones down to the formidable little Mavic Pro. We have the right aerial rig for every kind of job. And, if you’re hoping to fly a RED or Alexa Mini, our Freefly Alta has definitely got you covered.

Our pilots are licensed with the FAA & insured

Licensed & insured drone operators

If you’re hiring someone to fly a drone for you, it’s important that they’re both licensed and insured. Not only are our pilots amazing cinematographers, they also have their Remote Pilot Certificates (Part 107) from the FAA as well. Plus, we carry the insurance needed to be sure we’re not only getting the shot we need but we’re doing it safely and legally too.

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